KajHolst, Swedish contemporary rock. Dark in many aspects, but also with
the distinct love for a bit of glam, expressive vocals and riff-guitars.

A heavy acquaintance with worship and submission.
This could be the end.
„We can not stop ourselves from shouting,
We can not stop ourself from hailing
This must be our lucky day, Our lives complete,
This is the end”. Speed
A speedy song with an offensive attitude.

kajholstfrom the left: Mats Borg: drums, Michael Uv: vox & guitar, Rickard Donatello: bass

Don’t even consider the ambiguity in the lyrics. „You can be in the middle, You can come from the left, You can live with the righteous, Yeah you can stay there and pray!”

Front coverfrontcover: Annica Åberg

was formed in Stockholm, Sweden in August 2013, and consists of Mats Borg, drums, Rickard Donatello, bass and Michael Uv Westerlund, guitar & vox. Their music is firmly rooted in New York’s early underground rock scene – Bowie and Reed are obvious references – but with a distinct whiff of Iggy Pop, 70s hard rock and a unique sound that simply is KajHolst.

Before KajHolst, Richard and Michael were members of Screamin‘ Mother who in the late 90s released an album on Roadrunner and for a couple of years toured extensively in Europe. Michael also sang in Playground International (who received a gold record for the single And Then the Tears Came in the movie Hamilton), while Rickard has played with, among many other artists, singer/songwriters Stefan Sundström and Roger Karlsson as well as Swedish punk legend Johan Johansson. For his part, Mats was an original member of one of Sweden’s most influential punk bands: Grisen Skriker, but has also toured with Swedish pop genius Jakob Hellman.

KajHolst ist eine Independent Rockband aus Stockholm(Schweden) mit der wir sehr gerne zusammenarbeiten. Sie haben echt coole Musik geschrieben und dazu auch noch tolle Musikvideos gemacht.

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